Why Choose Westmount Realty


Westmount Realty materialized in 2005 to reflect the changing consciousness of the new millennium and to meet the increasing needs and expectations of its clientele and the global economy.

Patricia M.Chang’s intention was to transform the way real estate is done and indeed she led the way including introducing feng shui and home staging to her colleagues and clients, and establishing a strong online presence with S.E.O. (search engine optimization) to attract international clients . She already had 15 years of experience as an award winning realtor with a national company so she knew what was important and what could be improved upon. Read more about Patricia Chang .

Our goal

We aim for high client satisfaction rather than high volume so that we can devote the time it takes for clients to feel comfortable in their choice and in their move. Moving is one of life’s major events and Westmount Realty’s goal is to give as much information as the client desires so that it becomes a clear and harmonious process. One metric of client satisfaction is that clients remain loyal after many years and refer their friends & relatives. Another is the fact that many of our clients are still happily living in their homes that we sold them over 20 years ago! Lastly, our testimonials speak for themselves.

Who are our clients?

Our clients could come from around your block or from across the globe, representing many different nationalities and coming from all walks of life. Among them are physicians & dental surgeons, lawyers & judges, chartered accountants & financial planners, CEOs & entrepreneurs, architects & engineers, professors & journalists, restauranteurs & mothers! Read some of Westmount Realty testimonials.

What we represent

Westmount Realty represents the essence of the best of Montreal and the new millenium. We celebrate our strength in independent creative original thinking to working within a corporate culture. We also honor traditional values such as honesty and a work ethic while embracing technological innovations to produce results you will be happy with. Discover the benefits of working with Westmount Realty for yourself by booking a complimentary introductory meeting.


  • Ability to accentuate the positives of a home and turn perceived “negatives” of a home into “positives”
  • Matchmaking Buyers to Sellers so that you have qualified Buyers seeing your home
  • Architectural ideas to help Sellers to market their homes and attract more Buyers
  • Guidance in helping Sellers and/or Buyers to clarify their goals and attain their objectives
  • Sharp and creative negotiating skills to make the deal happen
  • Excellent and fair collaboration with other brokers which enables you to get the best price
  • Ability to protect homeowners’ interests during and after inspection
  • As native Montrealers, we have expertise in helping you to choosing your neighborhood, finding schools and enjoying this great city!


  • Feng Shui Home Staging promoting a harmonious home sale
  • Staging items available such as dining table, artwork, lighting and general decorative items
  • Comparative market analysis of homes sold & on market Interpretation of Real Estate Market Data to help determine pricing
  • Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing to attract international buyers
  • Professional Photos & Videos to showcase your home at its finest
  • Individual Marketing Plan recognizing that every home is unique Land and/or project development – commercial, industrial and residential
  • Working with city officials for land subdivision, minor derogation, zoning changes etc.
  • Putting you in contact with contractors, notaries, cleaners, architects, inspectors, mortgage specialists and space clearers.

Still not sure ?
We have never lost a deal!

Once conditions are waived, we have never lost a deal in 26 years and thousands of real estate deals. We take precautions and ensure that all the necessary paperwork has been signed and conditions fulfilled. From the final waiver to the signing of the deed of sale, you never have to worry about your deal not closing. Everyone shows up at the notary and it is truly is a win win situation for both Seller and Buyer... leading to another harmonious home sale! Meet us for a complimentary consultation