Westmount - Overview

It is easy to see why Westmount, Quebec, Canada is one of the most coveted places to live.

Westmount's rich architecture, mostly dating from the late 19th and early 20th century, its proximity to downtown Montreal (walk, cycle, metro or bus), its excellent positioning from a feng shui point of view (located on the western flank of Mount Royal with views down to the St. Lawrence River), its tradition of treasuring green spaces and the strong sense of community all contribute to this comfortable lifestyle.* Once you experience living in Westmount, it's difficult to move to another city. Indeed, it is very common for Westmounters to move within the city limits from one home to another.

Westmount also encompasses may other amenites. Montreal's top public and private schools from the pre-school to collegiate level (CEGEP) are located here or nearby. Universites - McGill, Concordia or University of Montreal may be a short walk, metro or bus ride away. Places of worship of different denominations are plentiful as well as libraries and recreational facilities/programs. Local specialty shops and restaurants are internationally flavored and meets one's everyday needs.

Westmount is a muncipalitiy on the island of Montreal (which consists of different munipalities) that is self governed and well managed! Westmount's city's official website is very informative and can answer most of your questions. Other community run groups (see links above) complement the City of Westmount's top notch recreational programs.

There is a large variety of types of homes and areas within Westmount to suit different lifestyles, tastes and budgets.. The lowest price is approx $450 000 for a small flat to $7 million, the average price is approx. $1.6 million dollars.** Westmount real estate is varied and certainly interesting.

For our website we have furthered categorized Westmount into the different areas commonly referred to by locals, although you won't find it displayed this way on a map! The categories are based on each area's positioning on this gentle mountain called Westmount and are: The Westmount Flats, Westmount Mid-level and Upper Westmount. The boundaries are not official and may vary slightly depending with whom you speak with.

Let the Westmount realtors at Westmount Realty, with its intimate knowledge of the Westmount market, assist you with your real estate needs! We can send you detailed MLS listings so that you may have a comprehensive view of Westmount real estate.

For an excellent history of Westmount read the biliingual book "Montreal's Little Mountain - A Portrait of Westmount" by Aline Gubbay & Sally Hooff (1985). You can find it at the library since it is no longer in print.

** source: http://www.andydodgeassociates.com/

You may also check out http://www.westmounthistorical.org/ for lectures etc concerning history of Westmount.

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