Westmount - The Flats

"The Flats" of Westmount (Quebec, Canada) are essentially located at the base this gentle mountain on which Westmount is located.

Homeowners enjoy this location because they can walk to many amenities including downtown Montreal, especially if one lives on the eastern side of Westmount Some may argue that "the Westmount Flats" are south of Sherbrooke St. while others may say that the streets just north of Sherbrooke are included since the area is relatively flat or has a slight incline. Indeed many amenities are close to or on Sherbrooke St.: Greene Ave shopping area and metro stop "Atwater"; City Hall; the "Y" (formerly YMCA); the library, conservatory and recreation facilities at Victoria Hall, arena, tennis courts and pool which frame the western edge of Westmount Park; shops/restaurants on Sherbrooke and Victoria (named Victoria Village); metro stop "Vendome" which is just outside Westmount's western border. Many schools from pre-school to college are located here: Miss Vicky's, Narnia, Greene Community Centre Akiva, Selwyn House, St. Leon Elementary, Westmount High School, International High School, and Dawson College.

"The Westmount flats" also contain the largest types of housing, although the single-family dwelling, in the form of townhouses, semi-detached and detached, is the most prominent. As mentioned in this website, don't judge a house's size by its exterior. A townhouse with a 20-foot wide frontage may be larger inside than a semi detached house. This area of Westmount also offers a wide range of undivided or divided co-properties from duplexes to elegant apartment/condominium buildings. Your real estate needs will most certainly be met.

"The Westmount flats" features the largest variety of architectural styles and several slices of Westmount's history from the earliest farmhouse built in 1688 to the newer luxury condominium projects such as No.1 Wood built in 1987. A large majority of homes were constructed in the late 1800's and early 1900's where large volumes, high ceilings, interesting architectural detailing and original facades in sandstone, limestone or brick are found. Every house on every street is different from each other. Some streets seem to be especially geared as "kid" streets and are famous for their annual "block" parties.

A bicycle path that goes beyond Westmount's borders runs along de Maisonneuve Blvd.

The site of the projected McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) "Super-hospital" (which almgamated the former Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Children's Hospital,the Shriner's Hospital and part of the Montreal General) is located in the southwestern corner while semi-private clinics are at east and west locations. The Montreal General Hospital is just east of Westmount's border.

Sherbrooke Street which runs horizontally through "The Flats" is one of Montreal's longest roads - running from almost the west side of the island of Montreal at Montreal West to the northeast tip of Montreal. A ride on the 24 bus brings you on probably one of the most famous and scenic routes in the city of Montreal. Besides passing by the historic public buildings aforementioned in Westmount, it passes through the Golden Square Mile, which includes the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, McGill University and the McCord Museum, to the east end of Montreal, past Lafontaine Park to transfer onto the 185 bus which continues along Sherbrooke Street East to Park Maisonneuve, where Montreal Botanical Gardens, Olympic Stadium and Chateau Dufresne are located.

Also although gourmet food shops and grocery stores are plentiful in Westmount, Westmounters and Montrealers alike make a point of going to nearby Atwater Market where they can buy fresh produce, meat & dairy products and plants directly from the farmers year round. Organic options are also available at the market as well as other locations.

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