Lake Memphremagog -

Lake Memphremagog (Quebec, Canada) is a majestic, fresh water glacial lake that is 43 km (27 miles) long located mainly in Quebec's Eastern Townships (73%) and partly in the state of Vermont (27%). Magog, Quebec (population approx. 15,000) is the town at the northern tip of the lake while Newport, Vermont (population approximate 1,500) is at its southern point.

Lake Memphremagog is known for its great beauty partly because of its lovely proportions and the fact that it is surrounded by several mountains, including Mont Orford to the north and Owl's Head to the southwest. Resorts offering golf and downhill skiing are located at both mountains. The Orford Provincial Park is a favorite destination for hikers and cross-country skiers.

There are many recreational activities on the lake itself including swimming, fishing (ice fishing in winter), and sailing, kayaking and boating.

The area surrounding the lake is equally picturesque with its rolling hills, farmland, large mansions or smaller cottages. Some homeowners live there full time while others come from Montreal, Sherbrooke and Ontario. The lake also draws people from Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Fortunately, Montrealers only have to drive 75-100 minutes to arrive at their country properties!

There are many different types of country properties around Lake Memphremagog in the Eastern Townships to choose from, whether they be waterfront (lakeside) properties or inland. The starting price for a lakefront property is just over $500,000 but these are very few. Styles range from classic English style estates to contemporary homes to modern log houses.

The St. Benedictine Abbey (Saint-Benoit-du-Lac), which is open to the public and known for its Gregorian Chants, is located on the upper west side of the lake. The towns of Austin, Knowlton Landing and Potton are located on the west side. The towns of the east side include Georgeville, Fitch Bay and Ogden. When choosing to buy Lake Memphremagog real estate, there are many variables to consider and this is where a knowledgeable realtor such as Patricia Chang can help you.

Westmount Realty's satellite office is located in Ogden, which is a few minutes to the Canada/US border and Stanstead, Quebec, which is a border town in the midst of a revitalization plan.The historic and impressive Haskell Opera House and Library is located in Stanstead. The building is famous for sitting in both Canada and the United States. It still functions as a library and presents musicals and other live performances. Stanstead is also in proximity to the Dufferin Heights Golf Course with its spectacular panoramic views (including views to Jay Peak and other mountain ranges in Vermont , New Hampshire and Quebec) and at the starting (or end ) point of the 19 km Tomifobia Nature Trail cycling path (on a former rail line) leading from Stanstead to Ayer's Cliff.

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